How to organize a moving into a new house?

Moving into a new house is a big event. Many people celebrate it by inviting people to a housewarming party. If you have moved into your new home and planning to organize such event, then here are some tips for you.

1. Make a guest list

You should first decide which people you are going to invite. Consider how many people will accommodate on your house. The call them one by one and invite them to your new house. Remember to give them your address and phone number. You can even send invitation cards as well.

2. Plan for the food

You should decide what kind of food you are going to serve to the guests. It really depends on the timing of your event. If it’s in the evening, you should arrange for dinner. Finger foods are very popular in this kind of event. You can give sandwiches, meat rolls, vegetable sticks with dips, chips, crackers, fresh fruits, etc. You can keep varieties of drinks as well.  You can order catering from outside if your budget allows.

3. Prepare your house

It is better to have the event a few weeks after you move into your new house. That way you will get the time to unpack your things and organize the house before the guests arrive. You should unpack boxes of rooms that you are going to show around to your guests. You can keep the boxes that you couldn’t unpack in hidden places so that the guests cannot seel. You should decorate your house too. You can hang painting or pictures on the wall, light candles, bring fresh flowers, etc.

On the day of the event, you should welcome the guests and talk with them. You should take them on a tour around your home. If you are inviting too many guests then you can consider hiring an event planner.

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