The number of event planners is increasing day by day. People are becoming more expert on this and they are reaching new heights. The competition is huge in this field. If you are an event planner or want to learn about the trends in event planning, then you should visit the following events this year.

BizBash Live 2018

Date: 18th July 2018

Location: Los Angeles

It is a trade show that takes place three times every year in three different venues. The event draws thousands of event planners from around the world. There will be workshops, exhibitions, and dinner. It is a great event to learn about the trends in this sector. You will get lots of creative ideas for events from here.


ILEA Live 2018

Date: 16th -18th August 2018

Location: Denver, CO

This event is all about creativity. It is a three-day conference and will have about 500 attendees. The small number of attendees will encourage brainstorming, discussion and collaboration.


The Event Planner Expo 2018

Date: 2nd-3rd October 2018

Location: New York City

It is one of the largest events in the events and hospitality industry. It is a great event to form networks and learn about new products and technology in this sector.

As an event planner, you should have your own unique ideas. However, from these events, you will get new ideas and learn about the new trends in this sector. So, you should definitely take part in the events.